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On Stress About Children

TOP 8 STRESSORS FOR CHILDREN: Stressed-out parents!   Yes, PARENTS stressed can rub off on kids, even when you the parents think they are hiding this. Morning mania!   A chaotic AM…read more →


Like your other sense organs, your ears are extremely well designed.  In fact, they serve two very important purposes.  Do you know what they are?  You were probably able to…read more →


How Your Eyes Work From the moment you wake up in the morning to the time you go to sleep at night, your eyes are acting like a video camera.…read more →

Brain Growth and Development

A peek at the early stages of brain development and how early childhood education encourages brain growth, memory and language development in babies and young preschool children. At birth, a…read more →

Indoor Games for Tots

Sponge Baseball -  Draw on the blackboard the diagram below:  Players stand ten feet away.  Two teams.  The first team bats and the first batter throws a sponge at the…read more →

Kindergarten Challenge Games

Magic Bridges  -  A bridge is made by two participants standing facing each other.  Have six bridges spread around the room.  Rest of the group moves to the music going…read more →

Sharing Approval

Recognition can take numerous forms – a word of praise, an embrace, thumbs up sign, and at times a tangible reward.  But every bit is important to reinforcing the speed…read more →

Cognitive and Emotional Activities

Today, developmentally appropriate care is rarer for infants and toddlers in all settings, than it is for older children.  For infants, the cornerstone of their curriculum and nurturing is the…read more →

Icebreaker Games for Children

 Ice-breakers are valuable sessions for beginning training children to Raising awareness about social interactions. Doing simple games with social interaction goals like using balloons or musical chairs in creative ways…read more →

Parachute Games – Sport Activity

Sports activities are usually a large part of leisure time for children.  Typically, children join a sports team that interests them, like soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, flag football, or gymnastics. …read more →


*Childrens appear to be born with an innate understanding of basic laws of mathematics and science. Mathematics is everywhere! Game #1- Wear It Counts Game Several ways to do this: Teacher…read more →


Instruction:  Go through the chant once.  Ask what words are repeated over and over again.  Do the chant again and every time the children hear, “loose tooth,” the children clap…read more →

Sounds Around Us Activities

   1. What Is It? The teacher asks the children to close their eyes.  The teacher makes familiar sounds and asks the children to identify each.  Examples:  crushing of paper,…read more →
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