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More Rainy Day Games-Part 3-THE “UN-GAMES” and CLASSROOM RELAYS


  1. Back To Back Tag – A student is selected to be IT. A special player is selected to be the crowbar.  A group of students are selected for the game.  Whenever students stand back to back with another player, the IT cannot tag them. However, the crowbar can unhook them and must do this each time players are back to back.  If a player is tagged that player becomes a crowbar, too.
  2. It’s A Tie! – Pairs are selected. At go, all pairs race to the other side of the room and back.  Then as the pair’s race to the finish line, all pairs must cross the finish line at the same time ending up in a tie. 
  3. Unvolleyball –Two teams are selected.  String is tied to 2 chairs.  A nerf ball is used.  The server from one team hits the ball over the string or net. When the ball goes over the string, the server goes to the other side.  The next server does the same thing.  The players exchange places until all members of each  team  has had a turn and the game is over.
  4. The Tape Game – Groups of five.  Each team has masking tapes.  Each team has two minutes to work as a team and reach the highest point possible as the team tapes tape to the wall.  The tape must tape to the wall from top to bottom and not break till it reaches the floor.  The highest tape placement wins.


  1. Shirt-Button Relay – Using two teams with members and two old shirts with buttons on it, the relay begins with unbuttoning the shirt. The first member races to the shirt hanging and unbuttons the first button and then races back to tag the second member.  The second member unbuttons the second button.  When  the team unbuttons the shirt, the game continues to button the buttons.  The team who finishes first wins.
  2. Alphabet Relay – Two teams and two sets of shuffled alphabet cards placed face up in a pile.  At the go signal, each team races one at a time as a relay race, picks up the A and races back with it and lays it on the ground behind the team and tags the next student who races to the pile to find B.  This continues till all 26 letters of the alphabet are shown in order for the team to win.
  3. Checker Chip Passing Relay – Two teams and lines are forms.  Ten feet ahead are ten checker chips.  The student races for the first checker and cups it in the hand and races back to the second student who must cup the hand and pass it down to the end of the line the same way and the last student puts it in a can.  The end student races for another checker and repeat this process until all 10 checkers are in the can for a winner.
  4. Shoe-Pile Relay – Two teams and each member takes off the right shoe and places it in a pile. Shoes must be untied.  Teams line up behind each other and at the signal, the first child runs to the pile, finds their shoe, and puts it on.  If the shoe has to be tied, then the child must tie it at the pile before returning to the group.  This process continues until the last child reaches the team and all shoes are on correctly.
  5. Snowshoes Relay – Two shoeboxes are used per team.  Put on the shoeboxes and off to the races.
  6. Four-Corner Relay – Four bases are taped to the floor like a baseball diamond and 4 batons are made from newspapers.  Each base is tagged with A-D.  Four students are selected for base A, four for base B, 4 for base C, and four for base D.  The first student on each base holds the baton, races and touches each base and passes the baton to the next student.  The fastest team wins.
  7. Alphabet Word Relay – Three groups of 5 are selected.  Using a blackboard, the first player from each team races to the blackboard/whiteboard and writes A, races back to the line, passes the chalk/pen, and the next student writes b and this processes continues until the alphabet is written.
  8. Carry Relay – Two groups are selected.  Place two objects, one at 10 feet in front of the relay team and then another ten feet from the first object. At the signal, the first players must run, pick up each object, run to the other side of the room, and return the objects to the same spot and then tag the next player.  The winner is the team who completes the relay.

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