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On Stress About Children


  1. Stressed-out parents!   Yes, PARENTS stressed can rub off on kids, even when you the parents think they are hiding this.
  1. Morning mania!   A chaotic AM routine (or lack of routine) can kick kids’ stress into high gear.
  1. Not making the cut!   When kids don’t make the team or get the party invite, it can be crushing.
  1. Peer pressure and bullying!    Half the battle is knowing there’s a problem.
  1. Over-scheduling!   A hyper-schedule of music, dance, soccer and language lessons can overwhelm kids and parents alike.
  1. Moving and changing schools!    Any kind of change can spark stress.
  1. Parents fighting!    All couples argue, but you can dial down the anxiety.
  1. New sibling or step-parent and step-siblings!   Expanding the family can put a strain on kids.

The following signs may suggest that your toddler is feeling stressed:

  • Change in regular sleep and eating habits
  • Change in emotions (showing signs of being sad, clingy, withdrawn, or angry)
  • Increase in crying or tantrums
  • Nightmares and fears at bedtime
  • Physical ailments, such as headaches or stomach aches
  • Anxious tics, coughs, or body movements
  • Frequent reliance on habits such as hair chewing or thumb-sucking
  • Change in bowel movements
Although “these symptoms don’t always indicate stress, they could be related to misbehavior, habits or growth.
If a child’s behavior worsens, it could be a sign of something more and may need professional advice.
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