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More Rainy Day Games-Part 2-Alternative Outdoor Games

  1. Firefighter – Make two goal lines about twenty feet apart.  One child is selected as fire chief. Four groups of four are given a number like 1, 2, 3, and 4.   The fire chief calls out a number.  Each child with that number runs out of the station to the other goal line and runs back to tag the fire chief.  The one that tags the fire chief first becomes the new fire chief.  If “general alarm” is called, everyone runs to the second goal line and tries to tag the fire chief.
  2. Word Reactions – Four teams of 4 players are assigned a month of the year.  Each team has one of the months assigned.  Each team is lined up at the tapeline.  As the month is shouted out, each player from each group runs to the other side and around the traffic cone.  The first one back wins a point for their team.
  3. Circus Tag – One student is IT.  IT must tag a student and where the tag is located for example, the knee.  Then the new IT must try to tag a student but keep their hand on that knee till the tag.  The next tag may be on the head, etc.
  4. Punctuation Dodge ball – Three are selected to be in the center of the circle.  One produces a sentence as the three hold each other arm and arm.  The class forms a circle around the three in the circle.  The group has a nerf ball and must throw the ball at the one in the circle who said the sentence.  The ball must hit only the player who said the sentence as the three move around to protect the one who said the sentence.  This sentence will end when the nerf ball hits the one that said the sentence to complete the punctuation!
  5. Beanbag Golf – Need hoops, cans, boxes which are scattered around the room at different distances.  Each items scattered are golf holes and they are numbered one through eight.  Divide the players into groups of three or four and line them up at each of the holes with beanbags.  Each distance from the hole is two feet.  Each player at each hole tries to throw the beanbag into the hole (can, box, cigar box, etc).  The less the throws into the hole, the better the score for the team.  Have someone keep score at each hole.  When finished at the hole rotate to the next hole until the teams play all eight holes.  The lowest score for the team wins.
  6. Lemonade – Two large groups are selected and a masking tape line is created to separate the two groups.  Two more masking tape lines are created 25’ from the separation line.  Each group meets near the middle line.  The first group performs a pantomime activity.  Examples: the team may be a football team, or carpenters working on a home.  The other team tries to guess what they are doing. When they guess correctly, the pantomime groups runs towards the safety zone line.  If tagged by the other group, they join the other group for the next round.
  7.  Sneakers Stop! – Two groups are selected.  One group lines up around 25 feet from the other.  The first group turns around and puts their hand out behind their back, while the other group sneaks up to tag their hand.  The other group then tries to tag anyone from the other group.  If so, they join the other team.
  8. Three Passes – There in groups of five.  One group must pass 3 passes to the other team members, while the other group stops them.   If it is not caught, it counts when a player gets it off the ground.  Play for two-minutes. Score one point when 3 passes are completed by the team.
  9. Blanket Volleyball – Two teams of eight are selected.  Each team holds the blanket by surrounding it.   Each team passes a nerf ball by flipping the nerf ball to the other team’s blanket.  The other team tries to catch it in their blanket.  Points are scored when the other group cannot catch the ball.

The next time Part 3 will be “UN-GAME” ACTIVITIES!

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