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Instruction:  Go through the chant once.  Ask what words are repeated over and over again.  Do the chant again and every time the children hear, “loose tooth,” the children clap “loose tooth.”  (They must clap twice or for each word).  Ask if another word is repeated. This time it is “wiggily, jiggily” and the children slap their knees twice just like “loose tooth.”  Go through the chant the second time using both actions clapping to “loose tooth” and slapping knees to “wiggily, jiggily.”  Finally, there are other words not used in the chant such as thread, pillow, bed, quarter, and head.   The children select and make the chose of rhythm band instruments.  For example: the word thread may sound great with rhythm band sticks or pillow may use a triangle, etc.  When the selections are made for those words, the entire chant is now ready for a full production.  The groups are divided into the clappers, slappers, and the rhythm band instruments, as they work together to perform this chant.

           I’ve got a loose tooth, a wiggily, jiggily, loose tooth.

            I’ve got a loose tooth, a-hanging by a thread.

            So, I pulled my loose tooth, my wiggily, jiggily, loose tooth,

           Put it ‘neath my pillow and then I went to bed.

            Someone took my loose tooth, my wiggily, jiggily, loose tooth,

            And now I have a quarter and a hole in my head.



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