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Indoor Games for Tots

  1. Sponge Baseball –  Draw on the blackboard the diagram below:  Players stand ten feet away.  Two teams.  The first team bats and the first batter throws a sponge at the board.  The wet spot from the sponge will record the batter’s attempt at a hit or a walk.  The next batter comes up until there are three outs.  Just like baseball.
  2. Quick Flick  –  Players are in a circle with one child selected in the middle.  The players in the circle toss the ball around to keep the ball away from the child in the middle.  If the ball is dropped, the child trades places.
  3. Biff or Be Biffed  –  Two equal teams with a dividing line.  A ball is placed on the line.  Numbers are assigned.  When a number is called out like #1, all the #1’s run to the line to pick up the ball and try to hit the opposing player to score a point.
  4. Hit  –  One child is “it.”  “It” throws the ball into the air and the rest of the group (seated in a circle) must exchange chairs at the same time.  The player hit is the new “it.”
  5. Puzzle Race Relay  –  Four teams times four.  Each player races to designated areas, puts two pieces of puzzles together, races back to the line for the next player to do the same, until the puzzle is completed.
  6. Movement – Challenge Relay  –  Divide the class into relay teams.  Different symbols are used for different movements.  The leader shows a flash card with a number on it.  Use the entire room for the relay pattern race.  The following flash card examples: 1.)  Means to skip,  2.)  Means to walk backwards,  3.)  Means to hop on one foot,  4.)  Means to jump on two feet
  7. Beanbag Balance Relay  –  Two teams.  Each member balances a beanbag from the starting line to an designated turning point and back.  Use different areas of the body to balance the beanbag like under the chin, between the knees and hop, on the top of the head, and or hands behind the back.
  8. Three-Legged Relay  –  Two teams.  Each team has pairs.  Use a bag and put the inside legs into it, walk to designated areas, and return.
  9. Zigzag Relay  –  Create a zigzag maze.  Using lateral movements with running, two teams compete to run the course.
  10. Hoola Hoop Relay  –  Two teams and two hoops.  Players hold hands with one player having the hoop around them.  The team to move the hoop around the circle to the starting point is the winner.  (Note:  Can also move the hoop around by feet, while on the ground.)
  11. Read and Run Relay  –  Two teams with each having same textbooks.  On signal, each player reads a paragraph as quickly as possible, runs around the team four times, runs back to their seat, and sits down.  (Note: Can do this relay also by reciting the A, B, C’s or counting numbers.)
  12. Crazy Crinkle  –  Two teams and equal number of newspaper sheets.  On signal, each player used one hand only to crinkle up a sheet into a tight wad.  When player finishes, the player places it in the middle of the room to start a wad pile. The next player in line continues the process.  When the last sheet is completed, the last child must pick up the wads with one hand and run it to the wastepaper basket to win.
  13. Blow Hard Relay  –  Two teams.  Use feathers to blow a certain distance.  First team to finish wins.
  14. Box To Back Relay  –  Two teams and two boxes.  The first two players from each team balance a box by pressing it between the back of the front player and the stomach of the other player.  If box falls, the players must start over.  First team to finish wins.
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