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*Childrens appear to be born with an innate understanding of basic laws of mathematics and scienceMathematics is everywhere!

Game #1- Wear It Counts Game

Several ways to do this: Teacher announces-“All who are wearing BUTTONS go to that side of the class.   And have a child count those children.  After the counting, all sits down.   All who have ZIPPERS go to that side of classroom. Find a child to count and sit down.   ADD other concepts such as: SHOES on, SNEAKERS on, PANTS on, SOCKS on, etc

Game #2-Clothing Color Match

Same way as Game #1 but use colors.

Game #3-Shapes Found in the Room. 

Pick 4 or 5 to do the following: go to something that looks like a square, a triangle, a box shape, a circle and you could use the alphabet to find letters among the room to point to.

Game #4-Tall and Short

Have the group line-up from tallest to shortest. Let the children figure it out. 

Game #5-Shoe Sizes-same principle as Game #4

Game #6-Birthdays from January to December.

Let the children line-up and figure it out.  Some groups may have 2 or 3 in October, for example, so let them use dates to consider.

Game #7-Names

Use first names to line-up from A to Z. (Same Principle like Game #6)

#8- Ball Arithmetic

Child uses fingers for the answer after teacher bounces the ball to show you the answer.

#9- Bean Bag Math

Place numbers on the floor.  Child tosses beanbag on a number and tells the teacher what the number is.  Can do this with two bean bags and add the numbers.

#10-Magazine Shapes

Have children hunt for shapes in a magazine or picture book like something that looks round.

#11- Sitting On A Number

Each child has a number to sit on and one child is picked to guess the number said by the teacher.  3 guesses.

#12- How many of each body parts are there?

If counting the whole class:  How many noses?  How many eyes, ears, chins, fingers, etc.






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