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Kindergarten Challenge Games

  1. Magic Bridges  –  A bridge is made by two participants standing facing each other.  Have six bridges spread around the room.  Rest of the group moves to the music going through the raised arm bridges.  When the music stops, the bridges lower their arms to catch those going through.  Those caught form a new bridge.
  2. Questions and Answers  –  The leader asks questions and names a child.  The class turns the question into a statement and the child chosen does that statement.  Example:  Leader: “Can Bill tap his toes five times?”  Class:  “Bill can tap his toes five times.”
  3. I Saw  –  Form a circle and select and select one child to be in the center.  The child says:  “On my way to school I saw … “and then imitates it.  Others guess.  The correct guesser goes next.
  4. Animal Chase  — Form a circle and use any objects to be given as an animal’s name.  The leader starts it like an eraser is a “cow.”  It is passed around in the circle.  Add another object (another animal) and pass it around the circle.  As the objects are increased and as each object is passed to the child, the child will make that particular animal sound.  Change directions
  5. Seven Up  —  Seven children are leaders.  The rest of the class puts their head down and thumbs up.  Each leader taps a hand, goes to the front of the room, and says “heads up, seven-up.”  Those hands tapped guess at who tapped them.  If correct, exchange places.
  6.  Head to Toe  —  The children listens to a story describing a creative creature like a bear and then they draw it.  Example:  Creature has a fuzzy head and three eyes.  Stop and pass the paper to the right.  Creature has two ears and two horns.  Stop and pass the paper to the right.  This continues until the original paper is back.
  7. Instant Artists  –  Give children half of a magazine picture and the child draws the completed part
  8. Invent A Sport  –  Need groups of five and give one or two objects to each group or team.  Teams are given a number of minutes to invent a sport or game with their object(s) with rules and organizations, and then play it.
  9. Famous Folks  –  Write famous people on slips of paper and tape them to each student’s backs.  Each student walks around the room and asks questions, while the answers answer only “yes” or “no.”
  10. Slowpoke  –  Group divides into pairs.  Pairs must follow directions like slip away from partner, touch anything blue, etc.  When slowpoke is said, you must get back with your partner.



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