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1 – I Love You  This is one of the MOST IMPORTANT THINGS you can ever say to a child, and the thing is – you cannot say it too much.  It’s just not possible.  We say ‘I love you’ so often, but when was the last time you stopped, looked at a child in the eyes and said it to Continue Reading


Classroom environments are rich in language experiences and with the arts, fostering literacy development. Ways to support a rich expressive environment include reading and reenacting stories and poems, singing songs, listening to music, creating and looking at artworks displayed and labeling objects in the classroom. Note that “Reading” environmental print is an important step in Continue Reading

Fear of separation: Toddlers’ anxiety about separation is an indication of growth. Before the toddler turned 2, they forgot when the parent left and settled down quickly. Now the child worries about and puzzles over the parent’s departure. Parents should always tell their child that they are leaving and not sneaking out which causes a Continue Reading


Here are some practical benefits for listening before you speak: Slow down the pace of the conversation and allow your mind time to articulate to your mouth what you really want to say. Show respect towards the person or child you are speaking to.  If not it can- Save you possible embarrassment and  Help you to protect you from over-reacting.

The following are music goals of what happens with children at preschool level: Music ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness, including intellectual, social-emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.  It helps the body and the mind work together.  Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Music instruction appears to accelerate brain development in young children, particularly in the areas of the brain responsible for processing sound, language development, speech perception and reading skills, according to Continue Reading

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