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Dictionary defines communication: “to act one upon another.”

We use our communication to:

  1. share information 
  2. comment 
  3. ask questions 
  4. express wantsand needs
  5. develop social relationships 
  6. develop socialetiquette which is polite behavior in society

Thus, communication is much more than our wants and needs.  Does our main reason for communication change over time? Yes!

Communication in the school place helps you understandeach other better and contributesto productivity and efficiency at your school.  

Thus, poor communication can affect your work production. 


  1. Communicating badly canlose the attentionto what children have to say and others.  You need to stop and be a better listener.
  2. Communicating badly by not having the timefor children. You must show children they have your attention.  Children need your time and they need to be aware of you being around them.
  3. Communicating badly by not helping children to make better decisions on their own.  By helping with decision-making for the children, you will see and feel better at their decisions. 
  4. Communicating badly by not giving feedback and avoiding promiseswill not free up the children to make the right decisions on their own.  They will use what they know in their young life.   Remember, children never forget a promise!

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