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Newspaper Activities

Our newspapers are leaving us because of the internet online newspapers!  However, some of those newspapers are still around surviving.  Years ago, I went to a seminar on newspaper activities.  I still create and use these activities today!  These activities are educational as children look through the newspapers to find the answers to the questions the teacher asks!  I have added books and magazines into the hunt!

What makes Newspaper Activities important?

  1. It makes learning fun
  2. It’s an inexpensive way to educate
  3. It’s adaptable for all grades and curriculum
  4. It provides good reading habits and it has a section of interest for everyone (comics, sports, etc.)

Newspaper Activities are used to introduce a method of teaching and learning through a newspaper.   The newspaper is divided into a variety of different sections such as Local, Sports, Business, Living, Weather, etc.  Within each section, readers see different headlines, photographs, artwork and stories on each page.  These items can be used to encourage children to see more than just the words and photographs.   Instead, they can take it a step further and challenge their minds to further develop what they see and read.  Here are some ideas to offer for children of all ages to learn with newspaper projects that are fun and creative.

1. Activity:  Scavenger Hunt (divide group into fours and hand out sections of newspapers to each group.  This activity is a race.   It will take you to different sections of the newspaper but the prime objective is to work together within your group to get the job done.   Teamwork is the key.   Find each item, circle the item and then jot down the page and section where you found it You have 10 minutes to complete this task.   As soon as you’re finished stop and holler, “WE LOVE THE NEWSPAPER!”

  • Find a date other than today
  • Find a high temperature in a major city
  • Find a woman’s face
  • Find a foreign country
  • Find a city
  • Find a vehicle other than a car
  • Find a movie
  • Find three words melted together like keyboard, notebook, firefly, softball, etc.
  • Find three words that are hyphenated such as daughter-in-law, six-year-old, over-the-counter, etc.
  • Find three words that are an open form, such as post office, real estate, middle class, full moon, half sister, attorney general, etc.
  • Find a name of a TV show
  • Find a politician
  • Find good news story
  • Find something that makes you smile


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