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After your 2-year-old celebrates his second birthday, expect him to experience major intellectual, physical, social and emotional changes that will help him to explore and make sense of his world.  Parents can help their kids navigate the transitions with activities geared toward helping them better understand their actions, behaviors, thoughts and feelings. Always blend activities with lots of language, interaction, and imaginative play!


Directions:  The teacher says each line first and starts with “I have my BIBLE” with love, emotion, dynamics and care!  “I have my BIBLE” is repeated a second time but when it comes to “I have my ______ , then that is filled in by the two’s shouting out BIBLE!   This will happen each time as the next line is said.   The two’s shout only two words throughout the poem “BIBLE and “JESUS!”   You can do this two ways:

  1. Each child has BIBLEs to hold up high when BIBLE and JESUS is said by all the children or
  2. One child has a BIBLE and when held up high passes the BIBLE to the next child.  When JESUS is said, too, the BIBLE is passed.   Verse 5 has a quick passing when BIBLE and JESUS occur quickly.  (Try practicing)

Verse 1: Teacher:  “I have my BIBLE.”  Repeat “I have my _______ (with children holding and shouting “BIBLE.”)

Verse 2:“My wonderful, wonderful BIBLE.”  “My wonderful, wonderful _________.”

Verse 3: “I have my Bible;
I read it everyday.”  “I have my ______, I read it everyday.” 

Verse 4: “It tells in my BIBLE
‘Bout wonderful, wonderful, Jesus.”  “It tells in my _______
‘Bout wonderful, wonderful, Jesus.” 

Verse 5: “It tells in my BIBLE that JESUS is the Son of God.”  “It tells in my ______ that _____ is the Son of God.”

Verse 6:  “I love my Jesus,
my wonderful, wonderful Jesus.”  I love my ______,
my wonderful, wonderful ________.” 

Verse 7:  “I love my Jesus
I love Him everyday!”   “I love my _______
I love Him everyday! 


Directions: The teacher says each line and the children repeat it.  

The second time around the teacher can add speedto the cheer or add more volume. 

The third time around, the teacher can emphasize or underline a key word like GODor BELIEVEor SETTLES.   

The fourth time you can open the classroom door so the children can yell out the “God Cheer” for all to hear!





Directions: The children repeat each letter until Jesus is spelled out followed by the shouting of Jesus name three times.  This ends with a great big clap. 

Give me a J (Teacher); Give me a J (Children repeat the J)

Give me an E; Give me an E

Give me an S; Give me an S

Give me a U; Give me a U

What does it spell? (Teacher); Children shout “JESUS!”  Repeat this 3 times! 


Directions: First divide the twos into three teams and have team 1 are dogs, team 2 are cats and team 3 are ducks. The “twos” will catch on to this game quickly.  Dogs will bark the first time, second time around, dogs will “beg” by arms raised and then hands pointing down as if begging for food and third time both barking and begging.  Cats meow the first time, second time pretend to lick paws (hands) and third time both meow and lick.  Ducks will quack the first time, second time will waddle by bending down with hands touching the ground and shoulders like wings and third time both quacks and waddling.


Verse 1:  Noah says “bark” …………… ………all creature’s bark 

Noah says “meow”… ……………….all creatures meow 

Noah says “quack”……… ………….all creatures quack

Verse 2:  Noah says “beg” (dogs)…………(arms raised and hands pointing down as if begging for food)

Noah says “lick” (cats)…………..(pretend to lick their paws (hands)

Noah says “waddle (ducks)”.…..(bending down with hands touching shoulders like wings)

Verse 3: Noah says dog’s bark and beg
(arms raised and hands pointing down as if begging for food)

Noah says cats meow and “lick” (pretend to lick their paws (hands)

Noah says ducks “quack” and “waddle” (bending down with hands touching shoulders like wings)

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