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4 “Marvelous Movement” Game Ideas


  1. Fling Plate – Use paper plates and cut out a hole in the center of the paper plate. Have each child fling three-paper plate attempts.  It must land onto a leg of an upside down chair.  Most points win.
  2. Beat The Tag – One child becomes IT.  2 children are selected and they are seated at opposite sides.  At the signal, they must exchange chairs before IT tags them.
  3. Snatch The Object – Two teams are selected, sitting in chairs and facing each other at 10 feet apart.  Each team member calls out 1, 2, 3, etc.  A ball is placed in the middle.   At the “go” signal, the leader calls out a number like 4.   Each team member with that number runs after the ball.   Whoever gets the ball must return to their chair with the ball before being tagged by the other team member.  One point for the team getting the ball and two points for making it back to the chair safely.  This is the only way to score points.
  4. Yes, the CAN – Two teams selected for a relay race.  Each team leader has a ball.  At the signal, the ball is passed down the line with the last team member racing to a masking tape line.  The team member stops at the line and tosses the ball into a trashcan.  If the child misses, the child must go get the ball, go back to the masking tape and try again, until it goes in.  Once it goes in, the team member gets the ball, goes back to the team line and passes it down again.  This process is repeated and completed until the team has finished the activity.
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