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Volleyball Balloon Game


1.  Volleyball Balloon Games

Two chairs are placed about ten feet from each other and a string is tied from one chair to the 
other.  Boys are on one side of the string and girls on the other side.  The boys cannot use their arms or hands as they are placed behind their backs but the girls can use their arms and hands.
The object is to hit the balloon over the string and not let the balloon touch the ground.  It is a point for the other team when the balloon hits the ground.  Three points wins the game.

2.  Balloon Relay Race

This activity works well in an opened area.  Two teams are selected (not more than 6 per team)  
The object of this game is to bat the balloon from one side of the room and back to the other side.
(It is difficult sometimes to move the balloon forward because the air blows the balloons in different directions.)  Once the first child makes it back towards the second child, the second child in line, too, must complete the task until all six members of the team have finished this competition race. 

These are just 2 ideas found in “We L
earn By Doing Activities” booklet (BJ01) on website.  Check out the website to see other booklets. 
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