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We Learn By Doing: Language and Listening Skills – BJ05


This product is available for immediate download !

Activities include the importance of listening:

  • 19 sounds around us activities,
  • rhythmic activities,
  • 6 games on interpreting meaning, language development summary, jaw, lip, tongue exercises, breathing exercises, articulation and intonation exercises, vocal phonic games, group auditory games, suggestions and tips for the teacher/parent.

Example: Who Am I? The teacher picks a child and asks the child to go to the front of the door, turn around, and close eyes. The teacher points to a child who says “Who Am I?” The child in front of the room guesses: “I hear Helen.” The child has three (3) guesses. Another child is chosen as the listener, if the listener cannot guess correctly. Who Has The Bell? One child is selected by the teacher to be the listener. The teacher will go around the room, place the bell on a child’s lap, and go to the front of the room and say: Ring the bell! Who has the bell?” The listener has three (3) guesses and if the child guesses correctly, then the child who rang the bell becomes the listener.

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