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More We Learn By Doing Activities – BJ03


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These activities are geared for early childhood and special education and include:

  • making rhythm band instruments,
  • creating a ribbon stick dance,
  • chanting “We are Going to Have a Wonderful Time,”
  • coordinating rhythms,
  • movement noun game,
  • drum beat directions,
  • warm-up exercise,
  • name symbols,
  • unmeasured sound games,
  • circle chants and “things to remember.

Example: WONDERFUL TIME Chant: We Are Going to Have a Wonderful Time Directions: The teacher chooses a leader for this chant plus eight other children and they all line-up in a straight line. The first child has to create the first action to the chant like clapping. When the child starts a second action like jumping, the second child in line then claps while the first child jumps and the rest of the children chanting. Thus, the leader needs to create eight different actions or movements. The second child for example passes the clapping and does the jumping while the first child creates another movement like nodding. So, each new movement by the leader is being passed down the line until all eight children have eight different movements or actions moving at the same time and chanting the chant. Remember, all the children must chant the “We Are Going to Have a Wonderful Time” until all eight movements are completed. If there is an error in the movement sequence, the group must start over again. It is a CHALLENGING event especially for the leader.


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