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Some More We Learn By Doing Activities – BJ04


This product is available for immediate download !

In this booklet, the importance of the Music Role for the child is listed.

Ideas are described for using:

  • 4 different kinds of puppets,
  • 6 games using the parachute,
  • 13 newspaper concept ideas,
  • 15 games,
  • Making-up your own story,
  • Easy square dance call,
  • 20 more games,
  • discipline do’s and quotable quotes for the teacher/parent.

Example: In your newspaper find: -circle -picture of the youngest person you can find. -picture of the oldest person you can find. -map (There are many kinds of maps especially in a newspaper). -find and circle 5 “a’s.” -find and circle 5 “s”s.” -find and circle 5 items you would buy (grocery store ad, department store ad, etc.) -find number 1, number 2, number 3, number 4, number 5, etc.

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