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Icebreaker Games for Children – BJ08


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Areas games involve:

  • dental health,
  • addition,
  • subtraction,
  • math facts,
  • time concepts,
  • visual memory,
  • sharing and cooperating in a group,
  • locomotors skills,
  • hand-eye coordination,
  • jump roping, balancing,
  • sharing information,
  • spelling,
  • tactile discrimination,
  • numbers,
  • developing physical fitness,
  • listening for directions,
  • rhythms,
  • thinking,
  • multicultural awareness,
  • reading,
  • promoting quickness,
  • flexibility,
  • blowing,
  • dodging,
  • shapes,
  • creative movement,
  • identifying words,
  • skipping,
  • running and tagging.

Example: IT ADDS UP; Goal: Beginning math Procedure: A set of flash cards with addition problems are shown to two children. The first child to race to the blackboard and write the correct answer is the winner. All the winners from the first round play again until there is an individual winner.


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