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Repeat the Rhythm

Tap out a simple rhythm and have the children repeat it back to you. Alternatively, you can clap the rhythm or use
musical instruments.

Imitating Drum Beats

The teacher or the child beats on the drum a certain number of times as all the children listen. One child is called to
repeat the same number of drumbeats by clapping. If correct, the new leader will be the next drummer. You can later make it more complex by adding slow beats with fast beats.

Humming a Tune

Hum only a familiar tune like “Old MacDonald,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb” without singing any words.

Divide the group into teams and have one team guess the hummed song to win a point.

Listen Carefully

This activity gives practice to simple directions with crayons by listening. Example: Draw a red line near the top of your page or draw a blue cat in the middle of your page or use a yellow crayon and make a round circle near the bottom of your page.  Later, you can add other directions like “put a black mark in the round circle.”

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