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Relay Race Games for Children

Relay Games

a. Bounce-A-Ball Relay — This activity improves coordination and exercise.   Two-teams are selected with 5 on each team.  A large ball like a beach ball is used that can bounce.   At the start of “go,” each child will bounce the ball, catch it and is allowed to take a few steps but must bounce it again until they make it to the second relay child.  The winning team is the one who completes this task first!

b. Clean Sweep — This activity improves coordination and fitness.  Two children are selected and handed brooms.  In the middle of the floor is debris like crushed up paper and small other items.  Each child at the sound of go must sweep the debris to their assigned corner marked by masking tape.  All debris must be in the marked corner.  Again, you can create two teams.  Whoever wins 5 sweeps, wins the game.

d. Blow Hard Relay — This activity promotes teamwork and cooperation.  Select 5 children and 2 teams with 2 tables.  The first child on each team must blow a feather on a table to the other side where the second child is ready to blow the feather back the other way.  Game is over when the 5th child finishes the task and becomes the winner.


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