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Listening Activities


This is an activity to engage children to practice their listening and counting skills. Have a tin bucket and a few coins. Drop the coins one at a time in the bucket.  Have the children count how many drops/how many coins you dropped in.  Have them to show you with their fingers, instead of telling you. This can avoid some children following others.  Cover the activity with a large board or cover so that no one can see but only to hear and to count in their heads.  Then review the coins and count with them.  They can get very excited when they found their answers are right!


Sing a song: “Can you do what I do, follow follow me.” (Make -up a tune.)  As you sing this tune, add a series of movements.  Start from easy, maybe clap, clap.  You sing first and then you add the clap, clap to show the example.  Then ask the children to copy you by singing the words first and then the second time to sing it again and add the clap, clap!   Repeat the words and add another new movement like slap the knee, slap the knee. Then have the children copy with the new movement.  After some practices, try to do the whole thing by singing the words and then adding clap, clap, slap the knee, slap the knee.   If it goes well, you can add a third movement like stamp the feet, stamp the feet!  This activity requires attention, concentration and thinking, so that they are cognitively engaged..

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