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Indoor Games

Children love to play games, imitate, participate with others, and just have a good time.  These games have the goals needed for the teacher to motivate the children to use those muscles and exercise their bodies into a fun-based educational learning way through these designed games for use both outdoors and indoors.  Here are 3 fun games:

        Balloon Laugh:

        Procedure:  Throw the balloon up in the air.  The child must keep the balloon up in the air and laugh continuously.  If the balloon hits the ground, the laughter stops!

        Variation:  Can use many children in groups with many balloons as everyone in the group laughs until the balloon hits the ground for the group. 

       Clap and Sing Nursery Rhymes:

        Procedure:  Let the children clap their hands and sing some of the choruses from the nursery rhymes that they know like Mary Had A Little Lamb, Jack and Jill, and add other songs like Bingo, Old MacDonald Had a Farm, etc.

        Variation: Rhythms are most important in the children and so have the children clap out the rhythm of the song without singing any of the words.

            Feather Hunt

            Procedure:  Place several feathers in a given area.  The children hunt for them and when a child finds a feather, the child must blow the feather in the air until it reaches the leader.  The child scores a point for each feather that is blown to the leader.

            Variation: Divide the group into small teams and when the feather is found, the group blows the feather into a container for points.  If there are bi feathers, try toilet tissue.


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