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Indoor Games for Rainy Days

Indoor Golf

This activity improves throwing accuracy and hand/eye coordination. Golf usually has 18 holes but use 9 holes for this activity. Create around the classroom golf holes like hole #1-garbage can, hole #2-tile on the floor, hole #3-desk, etc. Teacher creates the areas. Each child is paired up. Use beanbags and have the child stand about 2 feet away from the holes. Use masking tape as marker to stand on to toss beanbags. Count the tosses by each pair for each hole. Other pairs go next until the pairs are done to see who has the lowest score to win the golf tournament.

Paper Plate Disk Toss

This activity promotes group cooperation, competition and hand/eye coordination. Each child has paper plate and they put their name on it. The class forms a circle with a garbage can placed in the middle. The child at the sound of “go,” tosses the paper plate into the garbage can. If the child misses, the child goes and gets his named paper plate until all the names are in the garbage can.

What A Drag

This activity promotes cooperation, develops strength and endurance. Using 2 old bed sheets, a child is selected to lay on the sheet (usually the smallest one). There are 2 groups selected. Each group holds on the sheet but does not lift it up. Use a large area with no obstacles in the way. The teacher says “go” and the groups drag the sheets around the room. A gym floor would be excellent for this activity. The children have fun and not go fast. It is the overall experience.


This activity also promotes group cooperation and just enjoying the activity. Two sheets are used. A sheet is held by one group and lined up next to the first sheet of players is a second sheet of players. A nerf ball is placed on one sheet and when the teacher says “go,” the ball is rolled or shaken to go on the second sheet. It is like volleyball as the ball goes back and forth sheet to sheet.

Group Juggling

This activity promotes group cooperation, improves hand/eye coordination and throwing accuracy. The class stands in a circle. Several (about 5 or 6) nerf balls and soft balls are randomly handed out to the children. The children at “go” toss the balls to other children at the same time as if juggling.

Great Shoe Strip

This activity improves group cooperation, improves strength, and physical fitness. Children take off their shoes and pile them up. The children go back to a starting line and at “go” find their shoes, put them on and go back to the starting line.

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