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These are easy games for children to increase their dexterity, sharpness, coordination with their body movement with objects:

a.  Rolling  – Rolling objects at different speeds

– Rolling objects with accuracy

– Keeping eyes on the target

– Maintaining rhythm and continuous movement of rolling

Activity:  Bowling Chair– Use a chair and roll the ball at the chair from a certain distance.  If the ball goes in-between the legs of the chair, you get 2 points; if you hit the leg and it goes in, it is 1 point; if you miss, 0 points.  Play several rounds.

b.  Throwing  – Toss a Frisbee at a target like a hoola hoop or a basket

– Toss a beanbag into a basket or in a hoola hoop and try different distances

Activity: Sheet of Paper Toss-Stand straight up with your piece of paper near a hoola hoop or trash can and toss it in.  You cannot fold it or bend it.
c.  Underhand – Release the object upward and forward

– Shift weight to the left foot forward as the object is tossed

– Swing arm further back to gain distance

Activity: Underhand Toss-Stand several feet from a trash can and underhand a toss into it.  You can play for points at different distances.

d.  Overhand – Straighten the arm as the ball is released

– Shift the weight to the left foot forward

Activity: Overhand Toss-Same as underhand toss.  (Overhand seems to be more difficult than underhand toss.)

e.  Bouncing – Bounce the ball at different intensities

– Look at the ball

Activity: Large Ball Bounce-Use a larger ball to bounce like a beach ball and have them count the number of bounces.

g.  Catching – Cup the fingers with the thumbs together when the ball is thrown above the waist

Activity:  Catch the Beach Ball-In pairs, use the beach ball, have the child toss the ball underhand to the other child and count how many catches they make.

h.  Kicking – Keeping eyes on the ball or object

Activity: Chair Soccer Goals-Like the bowling game, have the child kick a large ball between the legs of a chair.


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