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Instruction:  Children sit in a circle of chairs or on the floor with the teacher.  The teacher starts the chant.  The children listen first to the chant and then add their creativity and thoughts into the concept chants.  At first, the children copy the thoughts from one child but by repeating the concept chant over and over, the children recognize they must try to create new answers.  The concept chants are simple and logical.  Here are a few:

1.  Names go up, names go down. 

               This is the way my name sounds.”  

(The teacher goes first and reflects her name by using expression and makes her name go up and down.  The children follow through with their own expression and reflections of their name.)  

2.   When I’m angry and mad, I look around to be bad.  When I’m angry and mad, I like to _______!  (Children give their thoughts to the blank)

3.   Big bugs bite!  Big bugs bite!  Where, oh, where, do the big bugs bite? (Children point and say where the bug bit them)

4.   I’ve got a name and it goes like this.  (Children, one at a time, say and clap their name at the same time)

5.   Sitting next to me is ________?

6.   I have a cry inside me and it goes like this.  I have a cry inside me and it goes like this.  (Children, one at a time, share their cry) 

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