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3 Games

Button that Sweater           (Need
shirt or sweater)

A sweater
or jacket with buttons is placed over a chair unbuttoned.  A child is selected to spell an easy word
like cat or say the alphabet or count to 10. 
With a correct answer, the child buttons one button on the sweater.  This continues till the sweater is buttoned.  You can continue the game by asking for more
correct answers and unbuttoning the sweater. 
There is no penalty if the answer is incorrect as you ask the next child
another question.  You can make
competition out of this activity by having two sweaters and the team who
buttons the sweater wins. 

Between Day and Night

These are
words associated with day or night.  The
children stand in the middle of the room. 
The teacher gives directions: if you hear anything that has to do with
day you go to one side of the room or if the teacher says anything about night,
the children will go the other side of the room.  The children await the word and make their
choice which side is for dark and which side is for night.  Examples for day: light, sun, suntan, blue
sky, white clouds, green grass, squirrel
, ducks in the water, and
.  Words associated with night: dark, moon, stars, light switch, nightlight, shadow, bed, bats, dreaming and sleepy.  The teacher should
create around 20 words for night and 20 words for light.

Storyteller Puzzle

The teacher can cut out
comic strips, mix them up, and have the child put the story together.  If you white out the sayings above the
cartoon strip, let the child tell the story in their creative fashion.


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