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What Kind of Values does Today’s Teachers Must Have? Part 10



CARING is our fifth ethical core value.   Caring is the heart of ethics and helps you decide what is right or wrong.   However, is it possible to be truly ethical and not have a genuine concern for others?   When we decide with our dilemma choice, can we still hurt those we care about with our ethical thinking still cause pain?   Here are examples of lying:

A girl is taken to a carnival by her dad.  It is her tenth birthday and he’s promised her that she can choose any 5 rides.  But as they approach the gate, he discovers that he’s forgotten his wallet.  This is the last day of the carnival and it’s too far to go home and come back before it closes.  He counts the change in his pockets and tells his daughter that he has enough money to pay the entrance fee and they can go inside and look at all the exhibits and the parade, but there wouldn’t be any money for rides OR she could lie about her age and say she was five and get in for half-price, which would leave enough money for the 5 rides.  They walk to the gate and the ticket seller asks the girl, “How old are you?”  What should she say?  What would you do in this situation?  Why?  Is there another way to handle it?  Is it possible for her to tell the truth and be rewarded for half-price?

Another child received a shirt from grandma.  The child did not like it at all but mom wanted him to write a note to grandma thanking her for the beautiful shirt.  What should he do?  Lie to not hurt grandma’s feelings?

We definitely and consciously do not want to cause more harm than is reasonably necessary.

We have one more core ethical value discuss for next week.

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