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It is unrealistic

  1. to believe that everyone is going to agree with us all the time, like us all the time, love us all the time. We should not expect it.
  2. to believe that we can be successful in every venture, or that we can be perfect in all we attempt to do or be. No one ever has been; no one ever will.
  3. to believe that there is any job or any task that doesn’t have its frustrations, its discouragements, its disappointments. Some do more than others, some less, but they are always there.
  4. to believe there is any relationship in home, work, or play that doesn’t have some tension, some stress, some differences. As long as we deal with people, we will deal with some problems.
  5. to believe there is any place, city, church, neighborhood that is ideal, that is completely free from problems, or that there is any place or situation that does not need change or improvement.
  6. to believe that we will ever be completely free from feelings of guilt, doubt, inadequacy, anxiety, or anger. These are a part of being human.  These need to be understood and controlled, but they are always present.
  7. to feel that others should be blamed for all they say and do. All people have their own problems and tensions.  Most people want to do better.  If we understood the background, we would probably understand the behavior.
  8. to feel we are entirely victims of fate or outside circumstances or that we have no control over what we think, feel, or do.
  9. to avoid life and to refuse to face life realistically and honesty!
  10. to feel that we are the way we are, that we are conditioned by past experiences or environmental circumstances and, therefore, cannot change.
  11. to believe we can achieve anything significant quickly or that we can change in a hurry.Achievements and change are possible, but they usually come slowly and in small steps.
  12. to feel there is only one solution to any given situation or that things are catastrophic if we do not find our solution.
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