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1.  X Y Z  

This activity is remarkable, as it teaches the beginning stages of reading left to right plus it converts a body sounds to a symbol. This means that two parts of the brain are used.  The first symbol is “X” written one time on the blackboard.  In a few seconds, the “X” is converted into a clap, as the teacher says, “When I point to the “X,” I want you to clap the symbol.”  (Everyone in the class should do the clap at the same time.  It may take several times to see this happen.)  Once this is established, the teacher will add 3 more “X’s” on the blackboard.  The class with the teacher pointing to each “X” will clap.  The class is reading left to right.  Once this is completed, a second line has “Y” as a slap of the knees.  (By adding a second line, reading is introduced from moving from line 1 to line 2.)  Always start with the one “Y” and then do the “X’s” and the “Y.”  Once achieved, 3 “Y’s” are added to the second line.  The teacher points to the “Y’s” and then the “X’s” and “Y’s.”  A third line is added with “Z” and the procedure is repeated till all three lines are achieved together.  The blackboard should be as the following:

X  X  X  X 

Y  Y  Y  Y

Z  Z  Z  Z 

2.  Non-Rhythmical Symbols 

The following symbols are introduced one at a time in the same fashion as the XYZ symbols.  Children can create their own sounds to these symbols.   Have the symbols on the blackboard/whiteboard in order:

‼ = rubbing knees – X = clapping soft, loud, louder – √√√√√√ = tongue clicking –   = say “shh” and point up – = one loud stamp on the foot!

3. Name Symbols

Directions:  Using a blackboard/whiteboard, ask the child their name.  Using the breakdown of the child’s name, write the name on the blackboard/whiteboard by drawing lines to each part of the name with an EMPHASIS on the first part of the name.  Examples:




Clap your hands and say your name at the same time.  Make sure the clap is loud on the emphasis part of your name.

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