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Words, Geometric, and Emotion Activities

  Words, Geometric Shapes, and Emotions Activities

Activity #1 – Be an Occupation.  Children like to mimic and asking a child to mimic individually an occupation like be a
piano player, teacher, animal trainer, ballet dancer or any other occupation created by you.  It is fun to watch children create and use their imagination to fulfill the occupation.

Activity #2 – Be a Geometric
Children individually are
asked to use their bodies and make a circle, or square, or triangle, or make designs like a flower by starting first to create a stem, adding leaves, and then the flowers.  This one really takes thinking and imagination to perform.

Activity #3 – Be an Emotion.  Children individually show emotions like
mad, happy, puzzled, worry, etc.  Find pictures and cut them out from magazines, cartoon clips from newspapers, or from clip art on the internet.  Place them in a basket, mix them up, let the child pick out a picture and then show perform that emotion to the class and let the class guess it.  You can also divide the class into 2 teams and a point is earned for each correct answer.

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