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Why is Play So Important For Child Development?


Play allows children to use their creativity while it develops:

  • Their imagination, 
  • Their dexterity, 
  • Their physical, 
  • Their cognitive and 
  • Their emotional strength

Play is important to healthy brain development.  It is through play that children at a very early age engage and interact in the world around them.  Play is a simple joy that is a cherished part of childhood.

Here are 3 indoor activity games, which do not need advanced preparation or classroom set-up.

Alphabet Back Game  – The goal for is to select pairs and have them correctly guess the most letters to win the game.

How to play “The Alphabet Back” Game 1:

1. Split everyone into pairs.  Ask one child from each group to come up to the front. 

2. The teacher shows the alphabet letter to them. The children are not allowed to speak nor say the letter or give any hints to their partners.

3. When the teacher says, “go,” the leader runs to their partner and traces that letter on the back of their partner using only their finger. 

4. If the partner figures out the letter, the partner must raise his/her hand and share what he/she thinks the letter is.  If the letter is correct, the pair receives one point.  If the letter is incorrect, the game continues until one pair guesses the letter correctly.  The group with the most points wins the game.

Chair Basketball Game – Object of game is to toss balls in basket, while sitting in chairs!

Preparation: need small soft squishy balls and wastebaskets

How to “Play Chair Basketball” Game 2

Divide everyone into two equally numbered teams of 5.  Arrange a chair placed three feet from the wastebasket. 

Each team selects a “runner” who will retrieve the ball and pass it to their teammate and is not allowed to shoot. 

When the teacher says, “go,” the first team member sits in a chair and the runner gives the ball to shoot.  The other 4 members stand in a line behind the chair.  After shooting, the first member goes back to the end of the line, while the second member in line now sits to shoot and waits for the “runner” to give the ball.  Two points are earned for each basket.  The team continues to play in order for five minutes.  The team with the most points after five minutes wins the game.

Eraser Tag Game – Object of game is to chase and tag the “it” without any of the erasers falling off their heads.

How to play “Eraser Tag” Game 3:

Two teams are selected with each member places an eraser on top of their heads.  The teacher selects one team as the “chaser” and the other as the “runner.”  The “runner” goes first and gets a 5-second start. The “chaser” must go after the “runner” and try to tag the “runner.”  They have one-minute.  If tagged, the “chaser” team would get a point.  This repeats again, as the second members does it.  The teacher will rotate the “chaser” and “runner.”  Total points win.    

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