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Between two and three years, children begin to internalize what you say to them. They pay more attention to directions and store them in their memory bank.  When you say the same thing to a three-year-old, they seem to reflect, “Oh, yes, I remember.”  

Note: The ability to make instructions part of themselves makes discipline easier.

Threes are easier to live with. Threes have the language
skills that let two-way communication
become real conversation.  Threes are more settled having spent a whole year refining their language skills.  

Threes are less egocentric (self-centered, selfish).  While twos notice their parent’s emotions, threes get
involved with them

Threes become more satisfied
with themselves, more obedient, and begin to praise

The no’s of the twos become “yeses for threes. Threes understand rules and consequences for breaking them.  

Threes thrives on choices and selection
process makes
 them feel important.  

NOTE:  Share your
choice-making with threes!



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