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When Children Act With Aggression

Attending a seminar of children’s behavior, it made sense what the trainer said:

When children react with aggression towards what was seemingly a simple request the underlying principle may be one of frustration.  If tasks they could accomplish yesterday can’t be done today, they become angry.  If the tasks become more difficult or more restrictions are applied, they may react with anger.  Sometimes subtle actions like not eating their food or bedwetting may be their response.  Sometimes more violent actions become a way of controlling the situation.  *It becomes clear that even if the children can’t communicate their frustration, they can act out the frustration and achieve attention. 

My question is “What are your strengths in dealing with children’s behaviors?”    Since you are working with children and with your experiences, you do have something “special” going on between you and the children.  What are those successes?








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