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What Kind of Values does Today’s Teachers Must Have? Part 8


Responsibility is our third ethical core value.  As you know, life is full of choices and it means being in charge of our choices and in our lives.  It means being accountable for what we do and who we are.  We need to recognize what we do and what we don’t do. We need to grow in our accountability and not blame others for what we did nor claim credit that it was me not him.  There are people that rely on our knowledge, willingness and ability to so things for others effectively.   Responsibility takes on people who are reliable, careful and informed.  Responsible people finish what they start rather than giving up to excuses and obstacles.   Responsible people look for ways to do their work better and exercise self-control.  They never feel that it’s necessary to win at any cost.

Our next part of ethical core values is “fairness.”

Dilemma about Annette:

She is a program administrator with Developmental Services.  Annette’s daughter Carrie is a best friend with Jane, the daughter of a legislator who happens to sit on the senate’s Children and Families committee.  The DA overheard Annette discussing an upcoming party to celebrate Jane’s birthday.  Carrie and several other friends have been invited to go to Disney World for the weekend to celebrate Jane’s birthday – all paid for by Jane’s grandfather.  Annette is considering attending the festivities as a chaperone since there will be five 13-year old girls.  The DA is somewhat concerned because of the position Jane’s father holds.

Question:  As the DA, what is the right decision?


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