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What is your greatest strength as a teacher?

Here is a list from teachers about their greatest strengths! Do you have any more to add??

My greatest strengths as a teacher is:
• being able to connect with the children and getting on their level.
• is managing a classroom and building and maintaining a warm, successful learning classroom environment.
• listening and respecting students and developing creative and well thought out plans and activities.
• from the experiences I had through hands-on.
• my presentation skills are strong
• loving teaching and ability to adapt to changing circumstances
• being organized and finding fun ways to do subject areas
• ability to relate to the students
• include flexibility, compassion, passion for children and teaching, extremely hard worker, professionalism within a classroom
• patience and being flexible
• my ability to read students are my greatest strengths
• I have a strong background in child development and know what to expect at different ages
• my communication with the students, parents, and other teachers
• perseverance
• compassion, enthusiasm, and dedication
• lesson planning
• that I am able to adapt a lesson at any time
• using my own natural skill
• that I never stop smiling
• simply a love of what I do and a dedication to my students
• being able to bring fun and excitement to the classroom
• planning
• discipline and voice quality
• to understand what objectives I am teaching in a lesson
• from within
• work well one-on-one
• bring real world experiences into the classroom
• assessing
• that I am a positive role model for the children
• managing the classroom
• my confidence

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