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What is Value?

The value systems are our personal core ethical values. Children learn these values early in life. The parents, teachers, and others, which enter their lives, build that character and individual style. By 10 years old, 90% of the values are locked into place. So, the first 1,500 hours of school (pre-school and kindergarten) are the most important hours in the child’s life. Both the teachers and parents are primary moral educators. However, with the breakdown of the family, the teacher’s role becomes extremely important to the individual child. Michael Josephson states: “Ethics is about the way things ought to be.” The values taught are everlasting. They add convictions, beliefs, and opinions, which shape attitudes and motivate actions. The non-ethical values also lead to beliefs and attitudes about what may be desirable, effective, or wise but without reference to the moral quality of the result.

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