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What are your strengths?

My question is “What are your strengths
in dealing with children’s behaviors?”  Since you are working with children and with your experiences, then you do have something special going on between you
and children.  You do have your
successes and I ask what are they?  Here are some reactions by teachers sharing this response:

greatest strengths as a teacher is:

  •       being able to connect
    with children and getting on their level.
  •              managing a classroom
    and building and maintaining a warm, successful learning classroom environment.
  •             listening and respecting
    children and developing creative and well thought out plans and activities.
  •             from the experiences I used hands-on activities.
  •             using my presentation skills
    are strong
  •             loving to teach and
    ability to adapt to changing circumstances
  •            being organized and
    finding fun ways to do subject areas
  •             ability to relate to the
  •            include flexibility,
    compassion, passion for children and teaching, being an extremely hard worker, and using professionalism within a classroom
  •           being patient and flexible
  •           ability to read
    children are great strengths and assets
  •           Having a strong
    background in child development and knowing what to expect at different ages
  •           communicating with children, parents, and other teachers
  •           perseverance
  •           having enthusiasm and dedication
  •            having strength in lesson planning
  •           Learning to adapt
    a lesson at any time
  •           using your own natural
  •           never stop smiling
  •           simply a loving what you do along with a dedication to children
  •           being able to bring fun
    and excitement to the classroom
  •           planning
  •           knowing the ways of how to discipline and using voice
  •           understanding what
    objectives I am teaching in a lesson
  •          teaching from within
  •   ·    doing well with one-on-one situations
  •            bringing real world
    experiences into the classroom
  •            knowing how and what to assess
  •            being a positive role role model for children
  •            managing the classroom
  •            having confidence

T         These are just some strengths mentioned.  Anything to add What are to this list??

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