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Last week we discussed “WHY SHOULD YOU BE SPENDING TIME HELPING CHILDREN DISCOVER MUSIC?” I thank you for your responses you shared. Moving one step further, we will look at “WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF MUSIC?” If you could again add to the list, I would appreciate it!
1. Music captivates and maintains attention
2. Music stimulates and utilizes many parts of the brain
3. Music is easily adapted to, and can be reflective of, children’s abilities
4. Music structures time in a way that we can understand
5. Music provides a meaningful, enjoyable context for repetition
6. Music provides a social context — it sets up a safe, structured setting for verbal and nonverbal communication
7. Music is an effective memory aid
8. Music supports and encourages movement
9. Music taps into memories and emotions
10. Music and the silences within it provides nonverbal, immediate feedback
11. Music is success-oriented – children of all ability levels can participate

Thanks for your participation!

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