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Two Game Ideas for the Classroom

Instruction: The teacher uses both hands to cover the mouth and then say a word like “hello,” “goodbye,” or “How are you?” The children hear no clues and try to guess the correct word, as they use their auditory perception to pick out the word. Many categories can be used for this activity such as foods, things found in the house, names, etc. Once the children learn to muffle their words, they can try it with their classmates.

Instruction: Several egg cartons are used. Where the egg laid, take a marker and place random numbers throughout the dozen blank areas. Take 3 small pieces of paper and crumble it up. Each child stands about a foot away and tosses the crumbled paper into the egg carton and then adds up their points. The teacher can have competition by having one team versus the other with the most points being the winner.

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