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Every child comes into the world programmed to perceive. Perception happens as a result of the intricate interchange between brain and the five senses. Although babies have been using their senses before birth, they come into the world entering a whole new era. The sights, smells, textures, sounds and tastes have now changed. No technology in the world can match this! Children naturally use their senses to gain information and explore the world. One of the things that make each of us unique is how we perceive through our senses, with resulting feelings, thoughts and responses to stimuli.

Young children learn through their 5 senses; therefore, providing hands-on experience allows children to touch, see, smell, taste, and hear become important. When designing learning environments, teachers should focus on objects and materials they can provide for the children to handle and observe. Many of us have a hard time developing materials from such experiences. Teachers in Pre-school and Pre-K often teach centering on themes. In selecting themes and preparing experiences, teachers need to think about those real objects and materials for the children to explore. Do we think about the ways children can use their 5 senses? Children must observe, handle, and explore from that theme. With this in mind, we can ensure children in your care to provide these real hands-on learning experiences.

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