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Thoughts for the Teacher!

• “Me” concept. The child is part of the “me” world.
• We teach beyond the child’s interest; We should teach things when it is necessary and “hits” their interests.
• Children help children.
• We give a lot of negative reinforcements.
• Teacher is responsible to put in everything she or he can put into the child while he or she has the child.
• The child retains from an experience and recalls from what is retained.
• Children’s learning’s are based upon the experience that they have had up to that moment.
• Concept is what it takes to think, to retain, and to recall.
• Teach anything at any time.
• In order to think, you’ve got to have language.
• All learning is based on experienced learning.
• We need to motivate the child.
• The child verbalizes to us what the child knows.
• Love, warmth, and understanding – those are the things needed to mature.
• What is used in one classroom may fail in another classroom.

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