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Thoughts about Modern Technology and Children

Collection of Thoughts:

Children’s informal experiences using today’s modern technology do not only influence their private values
and attitudes towards “new
media,” but they also have an impact
on their educational concepts and actions.  
implies that “new media” – that is media that someone did not grow up
with – are often looked at with distrust
and skepticism.

Most pupils have
learned about computers before teachers or other educators begin instruction;
sometimes the pupils’ skills even surpass those of the teachers.

If you add up all of the
entertainment purposes together (games, movies, or simply distractions), while
traveling or at a restaurant to keep a kid quiet and a parent sane, then it
would seem that entertainment outweighs
education by a long shot.

What do you think about the use of technology used by children?  Is it an advantage or disadvantage for the pre-schooler and teacher?  What are the strengths of using technology early in the life of the child?  

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