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Take the Cultural Diversity Awareness Test

1. Diversity is the condition of being different.
True or False
2. Valuing diversity in people means
a. recognizing, accepting, and supporting their differences.
b. reaching an agreement that is different.
c. limiting the meaningful experiences.
d. All of the above.

3. Are we often without a complete understanding of every person we interact with?
Yes or No

4. Definition of Bias.
a. Prejudice carried to an extreme.
b. Integrated with prejudice
c. One that interferes with impartial judgment
d. Identity’s with another feeling

5. Melting Pot
a. Respect in which things differ
b. identifies with an identification of different cultures and their feelings
c. shares a strong sense of identity with a particular religious, racial, or national group
d. a place where immigrants of different ethnicity or culture form an integrated and homogenous society

6. Stereotype
a. established laws, customs, and practices which reflect and produce inequalities in society.
b. a mental picture developed as a result of a myth which are placed on people.
c. awareness of individuality.

7. Our core messages are accumulated and formed as a child.
True or False

8. Values vary from person to person; they are neither right or wrong; they are simply different.
True or False

9. Every person is ______ and has many _______.
a. an individual; characteristics
b. unique; dimensions
c. reachable; dimensions
d. unique; cultural backgrounds

10. Manage ____ _____. Pay attention to the nonverbal language of where, when, and how we do things.
a. our minds
b. the future
c. the unspoken
d. all the above

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