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Story about Anger

A man from Michigan had an idea for removing a stump from his yard.  He decided to use a few sticks of dynamite he had stored away in his house.  First he tried 6 sticks of dynamite but that did not do the job.  Next, he tried 9 sticks of dynamite and that did the trick.  It turned the stump into an airborne missile that traveled 163 feet downrange before crashing through the neighbor’s roof.  The stump opened a three-foot hole in his roof, split the roofing and pushed it through the ceiling of his dining room.

We, too, have sometimes, used explosive power to try to solve problems.  We do this when we resort to anger, which can cause worse problems than the situation that upset us in the first place.  It may get some action but it leaves much damage in its wake. Anger like dynamite is explosive. Take care to handle it with wisdom and self-control.   When a man’s temper gets the best of him, it reveals the worst of him. 

We should be aware of our own anger because anger can destroy our physical wellness, our relationships, our spiritual growth and our emotional balance.  This inside anger comes from our hurts, fears, bitterness, and disconnecting with our families.  Remember, the way you “think” determines how you feel; the way you feel determines how you act.


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