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We Learn By Doing Christian Activities for Children – BJ07


This product is available for immediate download !

The activities cover:

  • The Chosen Word,
  • The God Cheer,
  • The Jesus Cheer,
  • Jesus Christ is the King of Kings,
  • Christian Quotes,
  • God, God, You’re Our God, Be Joyful, Noah Says,
  • Throw Away Your Sins,
  • David and Goliath Stones,
  • Jesus Saves Game,
  • Hot Ten Commandments,
  • Hunting for Jesus,
  • I See Something by the Manger,
  • God Says,
  • Toss the Goodies,
  • Put the Halo on the Angel,
  • From the Pulpit Thoughts,
  • Find Your Own People,
  • Crossing the Stream
  • and Who is Left?

Example: THE CHOSEN WORD Directions: This is played like “Simon Says” game. The leader chooses a name from the BIBLE like Moses. When “The Chosen Word” Moses is said by the leader, the children will move to a movement like Moses turning around or Moses taking small steps. The children are eliminated from the game when the children move without “the chosen word” being said like “jump up and down.”

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