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Quick Indoor Activities Ideas

1.     Birds
Fly –
Leader calls our “ducks fly, cows fly, pigs fly, deer fly, eagles
fly, sheep fly, etc. …”  When the animal
flies, the class flaps their arms and when the animal does not fly, the class
does not flap their arms. 

2.  Calendar Shuffleboard – Need
one old calendar and several milk bottle 
caps.  Tape the calendar to the
floor, mark off a line 2 feet away and 
each child flicks the cap onto the
calendar.  Add points and total points win!
  Can be played
individually or as a team of four.

Circus Tag – One child is IT.  IT must tag a child and where the tag is
made, for example, the knee, then the
new IT must try to tag another child but must keep their hand on that tagged knee till the
tag is made.
  The next tag may be on the head,

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