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Quick Games for Children

These fun games are randomly selected and created by this author from “Quick Games for Children” (BJ02) found on

Find a variety of nine small boxes like cereal boxes or children’s shoeboxes. Children can take each box and draw silly faces or some kind of picture on them. Place the boxes in the form of bowling pins and use two beanbags per child to try to knock them down from about ten feet away.
To help reinforce color recognition, encourage each child to find an object in the room that matches a piece of clothing that he/she is wearing.
Place an assortment of different sizes of buttons in a pile. Have teams of four sort out buttons by size, color, holes, and type to compete.
At a sewing store, purchase several zippers. Select two groups and have the children line up behind each other. At the “go” signal, each child from each team heads to a chair on the other side of the room, and unzips the zipper and races back to the end of the end. The second child in line races and zips up the zipper. This continues until the last set of children in line complete the task.
5. YOUNG and OLD in the NEWSPAPER:
In the newspaper, there are many different kinds of pictures of people. Next, the teacher hands out a section of a newspaper to each group of four. The teacher says: “In your newspaper, circle with a pencil all the pictures of young people smiling” or “old people not smiling.” The groups of four work together to circle those pictures and are timed for four minutes.

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