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Puzzle in a Shoebox

PUZZLE IN A SHOEBOX from “Games for Preschoolers” (BJ10) Product with more ideas in       Skills Reinforced:  Working together,


Two groups of
children sit on the floor in two different circles. 

Two shoeboxes are
filled with puzzle pieces in it.

If an 8-piece
puzzle is used, then have eight children sit in a circle.  Keep the same amount of puzzle pieces
for each group. 

At the signal,
the first child pulls out one piece of puzzle from each group and places it in
the middle of the circle and returns to their spot.

The shoebox is
passed to the second child who places it next to the other puzzle piece.

This continues
until all 8 pieces of puzzle are next to each other.

As the groups
start again with the first child, that child has 10 seconds to try to connect
two pieces together.  If the child
does it or does not do it, that child returns to their spot and the next child
tries to connect two pieces.

This continues
around the circle until the puzzle is completed.  Remember if a child connects two pieces of puzzle together
only, they must return to their spot.  

The first team to
complete the puzzle is the winner.  

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