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Think of a time when you put something off. Ask yourself what were the reasons why you procrastinated?

Remember, that it’s sometimes easier to do low priority tasks rather than high priority tasks because they are often easier and faster. We often go for the short-term pleasure, rather than the long-term joy.

Another factor that contributes to procrastination is ineffective thinking. We tend to make statements to ourselves such as the following:
• I want to be perfect.
• My worth is equal to my performance.
• Everything should work for me.
• There is a simple, right answer for any problems.
• It creates excitement to race toward deadlines.
• I am avoiding feelings of success.
• There is a simple, right answer for any problem. It’ll come to me later.
• I need to be more awake to do this.
• I’m going on vacation tomorrow; someone else will pick it up.
• The more I do, the better the person I am. So, I’ll do these little things first.
• I’m waiting for ____ to come back to help me.

Are there any other self-statements that can be added to these?
Share an ineffective thinking statement that causes you to procrastinate. Thanks for sharing!

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