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Non-Rhythm Symbols

Non-Rhythmical Symbols:

    The following symbols are introduced one at a time to the whole class.   Have the first symbol (!) placed on a whiteboard/blackboard and then do “rub rub knees.”    ‼!! = rub rub knees   

Next add the second symbol

      x  X  X = clapping soft, loud, louder

 Repeat the first two symbols, before adding the third symbol.

 √√√√√√ = tongue

Repeat all 3 symbols.

  ^ = say “shh” and slide the pointed index finger up to the ceiling. 

Repeat all 4 symbols.

 = one LOUD stamp on the

Repeat all 5 symbols and repeat this 3 times.

*Children later can create their own sounds and their own symbols.

   This activity involves both “looking at the symbols” and “doing the action” for each. 

  *Two different parts of the brain is being thought out at the same time! 

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